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About Me

I'm Paul. Metalhead. Geek.

Welcome to my blog. Nothing much, but it'll do. This is my world of music, nonsense, funny shit, and, quite obviously, Star Wars!

Think of this as a trip into my head as such. Lots of weird yet wonderful things.

I find this incredibly useful in avoiding whatever I should be doing. But feel free to ask me stuff!! I don't bite....much! ;D

Now get outta here, as I have a bad feeling about this...

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  11. Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

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  13. raisa-allin:

i feel like marshmallow tbh🍼🍼 [ClipVia|ELM]


    i feel like marshmallow tbh
    🍼🍼 [ClipVia|ELM]

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Buy me this?! 😍
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